Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Every year I tell myself I'm going to make resolutions for the new year and I'm going to stick to them. That usually lasts about a week - if I make any at all! My mom is the missionary for writing goals and I am the WORST about it! You know, the top 5 resolutions that everyone writes are always on my list - exercise, eat healthier, go to church, volunteer, spend more time with family and friends - and on top of those I also say something about improving my guitar playing. Throughout the time that I have been doing music - going on about five years now - I have said to myself that I was going to start playing my guitar at shows. Well, in my defense I have at a few - but, I play with such great musicians it always seems like they should do what they do best and I should stick with what I do best and I never really stuck with the commitment.

Well, thanks to my friend, Sarah, who is truly showing what friendship is all about and shoving me off the cliff, I am playing a show with her in February, her on violin, me on guitar. I'm terrified!!! But, it sure has put a fire under me to get my act together and do something with it! So, that's right, here comes project number 4 on my plate! The Sarah and Carrie act. 30 to 40 more songs in my book. More songwriting. It's awesome! How many songs do I know and perform regularly now? I've lost count. I think we're climbing up to the 200 count. I can't remember what I did yesterday or what I'm doing tomorrow, but I can remember the lyrics to 200 songs. Go figure.

It's January 2007. Life is flying by and I can't even seem to catch my breathe. If there's a way for the world to spin just a little slower - I would sure appreciate it - at least until February!


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